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Textile Wipers Greater Manchester

When you find yourself in need of the right textile wiper for the job at hand, it helps to know the individual properties of the materials which are available to you. For example, where natural hosiery is best used in polishing, it would be no use for mopping up liquid spillages due to its low absorbency rating.

By working alongside a team of experts in textile wipers, such as Davis & Moore in Greater Manchester, you can take advantage of their expertise whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that all their textile wipers are produced from their textile recycling programme. Surplus materials from charity shops, commercial launderettes and new clothing manufacturers become high standard textile wipers which are graded, cut and packed right here at our premises in Greater Manchester alongside our other production sites in the UK & Europe.


For polishing, we recommend a number of materials. Stockinette roll is made up of knitted cotton yarn and used in the application of compounds, polishes stains and wood dyes. Industries which utilise stockinette roll include valeting, French polishing, timber staining and waxing/cleaning.

Natural hosiery makes excellent, lint-free natural cotton hosiery textile wipers for polishing and is available in ecru for added lycra/stretch.

Bleach white hosiery is a soft, lint-free polishing cloth which is most commonly used for polishing prestige vehicles. This material in particular achieves no colour run when using solvent based cleaners and polishes. A lint-free material, white hosiery is ideal for cleaning the interior of vehicles and, as such, these textile wipers are suitable for use in car showrooms/valeting, French polishing and model making.

On the other hand, coloured hosiery, whilst also soft and lint free, is used for polishing vehicles, equipment, bikes, boats and much more. As such, coloured hosiery is ideal for the marine, automotive and industrial industries in Greater Manchester and beyond.


White towel is a premium, highly absorbent product which is used in a range of cleaning and maintenance situations. Ex-hotel rentals, these laundered white cut hand and bath towels are perfect for food, aerospace, utilities and office cleaning.

Mixed white cotton is a more light weight and low lint option made up of cut white cotton and poly cotton. These textile wipers are suitable for cleaning machine parts, printing and painting and used by engineering, automotive, lift industry, cable manufacturing and janitorial specialists.


White cotton sheeting is a soft, lint-free textile wiper with very absorbent qualities. This premium quality wiper is used in many industries and made up of a combination of ex-hotel rental cotton bed sheets and pillowcases. Shopfitting, shipbuilding, powder coating and painting industries, including machinery cleaning in the food industry, make use of these versatile textile wipers.

White linen creates lint free, ultra-absorbent textile wipers which leave virtually no lint when wiped across both brushed steel and aluminium surfaces. As such, white linen is popular with powder coaters and commercial vehicle paint finishers.

Coloured towel is a more heavyweight textile wiper with high absorbency qualities, making it ideal for oil, water and chemical spillages. Chemical and paint manufacturing cleaning specialists tend to find that coloured towel meets their needs best.

All of the above

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, 100% white cotton t-shirt creates medium-weight textile wipers which are suitable for cleaning, polishing and absorbing liquids and generally used by the automotive valeting, paint & printing industries, chemical industry, maintenance engineers and transport firms.

Alternatively, coloured cotton t-shirt is excellent for cleaning, polishing and absorbing liquids which makes it ideal for automotive valeting, paint and printing industries, the chemical industry, maintenance engineers and transport firms.

Coloured flannelette creates lighter, softer and yet highly absorbent textile wipers which are generally used for cleaning, polishing and much more. This material is particularly popular with the caravan industry for cleaning GRP.

General purpose

At our facility in Greater Manchester we also make textile wipers for more generalised applications. Our roll towel is ex-laundry rental washroom cabinet roller towel and popular with the precision engineering, aviation and printing industries.
Our mixed engineering materials are made using a mixture of different textiles which combine to create general purpose wiping cloth. Mixed engineering textile wipers are ideal for engineering, automotive, mechanical and marine industries.

Light coloured cotton also creates general purpose textile wipers which are lightweight and very economical. Made using a mixture of cut cotton and poly cotton, light coloured cotton textile wipers are perfect for engineering, automotive, mechanical and marine industries.

Textile wipers created using coloured corduroy have their buttons, zips and studs removed and they are ideal for spills and general engineering usage. Coloured sweatshirt is also an all-purpose wiper which is heavyweight, strong, soft and absorbent.

If you are in need of textile wipers for use in your business, speak to the team at Davis and Moore, based in Greater Manchester, today.

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