Lint-Free Rags, Cleaning Rags, and Polishing Cloths From The Experts

Looking for lint-free rags, workshop rags, or industrial cleaning rags that have been metal detected, or polishing cloths that are fit for purpose? We have spent 40 years developing our range of cleaning rags to ensure our client’s requirements are met.

From the standard grades such as coloured t-shirt and coloured sweatshirt rags to the premium white sheeting, lint free rags and white towel grades, we are incredibly flexible and offer bespoke solutions for any absorbent rags needs.

Cleaning Rags

Most of our cleaning rags are a sustainable choice being made from 100% recycled textile materials. Choose your grade, choose your weight, and choose your packaging for any industrial cleaning rags from our rag and wipers guide charts. And not to overlook the fact we manufacture private label wet wipes.

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