Almost as important as the products themselves are your packaging and delivery options. Our goal is to make receiving, storing and distributing your order as easy as possible. We therefore offer our customers a number of different options, depending on their requirements.


Fast, efficient delivery is a key part of our service. We place a lot of importance on the affordability of our deliveries and getting them to you on time. We therefore have our own distribution centre and our own fleet of delivery vehicles. When you place an order you can opt for two different delivery schedules:

  • Standard delivery: within two business days
  • Express delivery: next day

All our goods are dispatched from our textile recycling and distribution centre in Manchester.

Choose your delivery location

We are happy to ship your products to any of your distribution centres in the UK. They will all be conveniently palletised and ready for storage or onward distribution. We can ship your products directly to your individual stores, rather than a central location if this is more convenient. Simply let us know your preference when placing your order.

We can also fulfil your orders directly by shipping products straight to your customers. This saves you a lot of time and shortens your supply chain. The products are delivered to the end-user in white label packaging using your branding and paperwork.

Packaging Options

We offer our customers several packaging options. Whichever way you do it, there are some pros and cons. We are transparent about these and are happy to offer impartial advice about the best packaging option for you. Different end-users will find some packaging options more convenient than others:

Bag Of Rags – Polythene Vacuum Packed Bale

Bag Of Rags

  • Waterproof: Your cleaning rags won’t be damaged if left outside on a site or while waiting for distribution.
  • Very compact packaging: great for saving space in a warehouse or small storage area.
  • Low transport costs – due to us being able to load more of these on to a single pallet.
  • Visibility: The packaging is transparent, allowing you to see through the bag of rags and identify the contents.


  • Very tightly compressed, which makes it difficult to just pull one rag out at a time. If you rip open the bag the contents are likely to spill.

5kg Polythene Vacuum Packed Bale With Handle

Bag of rags

  • Handle that makes it easier for carrying manually.
  • Light weight – reduces the chance of back injuries.
  • Safe – when carrying high up e.g. up on scaffolding.
  • Fewer rags in a bag, meaning staff are likely not to use them as fast.
  • Convenience – ideal for being stored in small quantities in shops, cleaning cupboards and storerooms.


  • Very tightly compressed, which makes it difficult to just pull one rag out at a time.

10kg Cardboard Dispenser Box Of Rags

Box Of Rags

  • Dispenser hole on the box that allows you to pull one rag out at a time.
  • Convenient shape makes this package easy to store in cupboards, under desks and on shelves.


  • If the box gets wet it can fall apart and the rags become damaged. It is therefore unsuitable for outdoor storage.
  • Takes up more storage space than vacuum wrapped packages.
  • Can’t get many on a pallet, so transport costs will be higher than other options.

5kg Cardboard Dispenser Box


  • Smaller than the 10kg box, allowing cleaning staff to keep a box at each workstation.
  • Small and lightweight, making them easy to transport and reducing the risk of back injuries.
  • As there are less rags in each box, staff are less inclined to use them all as quickly.


  • The small 5 kg dispenser boxes take up less space than their larger cousins, but being made of cardboard, they are still vulnerable to water damage and are bulkier than polythene packages.