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The Environment and Our Committal

Davis & Moore Ltd have always committed to our environment. Indeed, the very nature of what we do is inextricably linked to recycling.

We have asked ourselves ‘What do we do over and above for ourselves and our customers – are we committed to the environment simply by ‘hanging our hat’ onto our recycling background?’

We have been able to save through mindset changes at no cost to our customers, though we also implemented the following:

In 2021 we made a significant financial investment to enable the Davis & Moore manufacturing warehouse and offices to be sustainable to the environment, through the commissioning of our solar panel project with Centrico for an 85Kwh system that allows our complete manufacturing facility and offices to be totally energy sufficient, without drawing electricity from the Grid. This is when the system performs optimally, even feeding small amounts back into the grid for other companies to utilise.

Unfortunately, we still need grid support during heavily cloudy and winter days when it is still dark. We can’t claim to be 100% carbon-free yet, but we hope our continuing initiatives will eventually help us achieve that position.

Through our dedicated recycling process, Davis & Moore saves over 4,000 tonnes of textiles from landfills and furnaces each year. This involves buying and collecting textiles in the form of clothing, sheeting, bedding, towelling and other rejected garments. The material is then washed, dried, and cut into sizeable pieces. Grading them by texture and type to maximise their benefits for use as rag wipers across multiple industries. We bag and box the textile rag wipers in our manufacturing facility in Trafford Park, labelled and palletised ready for dispatch.

By running our dedicated transport, we can ensure our trucks are constantly loaded with deliveries and collections. We use optimised routes and efficient planning, saving as much as 49kg of CO2 from the environment each year.

Alongside our roof solar farm, all our warehouses have been installed with motion sensor LED lights, reducing our electricity usage by over 25%. We also recycle over 150 tonnes of plastic and cardboard each year and continually assess our output to enable continuous improvement in the years ahead.

Our best interests are always focused on sustainability and the environment.

Environment Committal by Davis & Moore