Accumulated Trees Planting
Accumulated CO2 emissions reduction

With the rise in affluence and the change in consumer habits, we are seeing a dramatic increase in clothing waste which is having a massive effect on landfill.

At Davis & Moore we are working to help reduce clothing waste by recycling 3,422 tonnes of end of life textiles per year.  Our processes not only give these textiles a second use, but are also carbon neutral in that they are environmentally sustainable alternatives to non-woven products. In comparison the manufacturing process for non-woven wipers consumes vast amounts of energy releasing tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


Our Recycled Workshop Rags vs Non-Woven Wipers

Many companies, manufacturing non-woven wipers, claim that their wipes are a more viable environmental option to textile wipes, but is this really true?

The main argument is that they are light weight and therefore create less waste.  What many people forget is 100% of the waste, regardless of weight, is non-biodegradable and the impact of the production process is severely detrimental to the environment.

When comparing the benefits of the two cleaning cloths, please seriously consider the environmental impact on your supply chain.