Industrial Cleaning Rag Wipers, Lint-Free White Rags, and Polishing Cloths From The Experts

Industrial Cleaning Rag Wipers – With so many choices to choose from and one of the largest ranges available, Davis & Moore are sure to have you covered. 100% recycled textile rag wipers for every possibility and budget going, manufactured from garments, sheets, bedding, and leftover scraps from mills making a sustainable option for you.

What type are you looking for? Are you needing white rags, workshop rags, lint-free rags, or cleaning or polishing rag wipers that have been verified metal-free? Is there a need for polishing rag cloths that are appropriate for the task?

With over 40 years of experience in the supply of sustainable cleaning rags, we developed our range to cover the broadest possible range of requirements, with selections of coloured t-shirt rags, sweatshirt rags, premium rag wipers, lint-free, and terry towel grades. We are incredibly flexible and offer bespoke solutions for any absorbent or polishing rag wiper needs, even offering self-branded labelling on packaging.

Cleaning Rag Wipers - 10kg BagsPallet of White Premium Sheeting - 10kg BagsCleaning Rag Wipers - 10Kg Box

Choice of grade, weight, and packaging for industrial cleaning rag wipers from bags or boxes and quality. Our comparison chart guide offers insight into the popular characteristics (Absorbency, Linting and Polishing qualities) frequently asked for and how they compare with alternatives. The score looks at 1 being the lowest or least effective, all the way to 10 being the best and we have the score on each product page to help you.

Still not sure which option is the best for you? Call our offices to speak to our friendly staff and get exactly what you need or browse at your leisure.

Don’t forget that we also manufacture a full range of wet wipes.

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