• C-Fold hand towels are very popular and designed for high-use amenities. Absorbent paper tissue for use on hands and face in the washroom. The C-fold stacks each sheet individually so they don't interlock like the Z-fold and V-fold options. Suitable for all public and industrial washrooms and toiletries.
    Description Ply Pack Qty
    Green 1-ply 2400
    Blue 1-ply 2400
    Blue 1-ply 2880
    White 2-ply 2400
  • DescriptionPlySizePack Qty
    Blue1-ply240 x 230mm3000
    Blue Z-Fold hand towels are one of the most common paper hand towels available on the market These multifold paper towels are mostly used for toiletries in the commercial area where they are available to the public or serving amenities Absorbent and economical 1-ply paper sheets make them the 'go-to' option for most communal and public washrooms The Z-fold is the most efficient hand towel as you only get one sheet at a time without them clumping together Compatible with our multifold paper towel dispenser
  • Fast Drying Solvent Cleaner (NSF category K1) Spray Can Code: K421 Pack: 12 x 400ml
  • Paper Roll Towel is used for drying hands, cleaning windows, wiping down dirt surfaces and cleaning up small spills Tough paper rolls ready for use in dispensers where you can tare off pieces or have handy in the workplace
    DescriptionPlyColourPack Qty
    20cm x 76m1Green16
  • White interfold hand towels with a more luxury style, using a softer and more absorbent embossed paper Often considered to be more hygienic than hot air dryers and cloth towels found with lavatories Commonly referred to as V-fold paper towels, these are trendy for washrooms and toilet areas used in offices and industrial workshops This quality option brings a more pleasant touch to shared washroom areas than the traditional options from public amenities
    DescriptionPlyPack Qty
  • DescriptionPlyColourPack Qty
    10” x 40m2White18
    20” x 40m2White12
    10” x 40m2Blue24
    20” x 40m2Blue9
  • Perform Single Bumper Rolls for cleaning glass and surfaces in the workshop Recycled blue 3-ply paper for quick and effective daily cleaning to surfaces in the workshop 370m long by 355mm wide
  • 5Ltr Jerry Can Container - Empty plastic container for putting excess chemicals or fluids in Translucent clean high density polyethylene rectangular jerry can container for the storage or transportation of liquids Screw cap closure on top alongside handle, which is formed part of the container
  • A full range of Refuse Sacks and Bin Liners. With a nice variety of options for you to choose from you can have them colour coded for different waste options. The below chart covers the most popular bin bags and rubble sacks that we get asked for but you can call and discuss your requirements with one of our team.
    Product Size (inches) Thickness Colour Pack
    Pedal 11 x 17 x 17 6mu White 1000
    Swing 13 x 23 x 30 6mu White 1000
    Swing HD 13 x 23 x 30 18mu White 500
    Square 13 x 23 x 30 6mu White 1000
    Wheelie 30 x 46 x 54 90g Black 100
    HD Wheelie 30 x 46 x 54 170g Black 100
    Compactor 22 x 33.5 x 47 140 Black 100
    Rubble 20 x 30 500g Black 100
    Rubble 20 x 30 500g Blue 100
    Sacks on a roll 18 x 29 x 34 120g Black 8 x 25 (roll)
    Loose 18 x 29 x 34 120g Black 200
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 140g Black 200
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 120g Black 200
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 140g Black 200
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 160g Black 200
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 180g Black 200
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 300g Black 100
    Loose 18 x 29 x 39 450g Black 100
    Clear 18 x 29 x 39 140g Clear 200
    Coloured 18 x 29 x 39 150g Y/B/R/G 200
  • 30x46x54" Black Wheelie Bin Liners 100 per box (240ltr) 30x46x54" HD Black Wheelie Bin liners 100 per box (240ltr) The order of dimensions is: width, length, and height - (side to side x back to front x bottom to top)
  • All purpose multi-surface liquid cleaner. A universal cleaning solution for every day use to get rid of dirt, grime & grease with professional ease, leaving a shine to the surface and a light lemon scent to the room. For all washable surfaces and hard floors. Lemon fragrance. Brand: Flash - the ultimate.
  • Pack of 6 x 750ml extreme virucidal spray Unperfumed bactericidal, virucidal & yeasticidal cleaner. For rapid cleaning and sanitisation of frequently touched surfaces, like door handles, tables, bannisters, guide rails and other hard surfaces. Powerful high-level disinfectant for use in healthcare, catering and high-risk environments. Food Safe Certified to EN1276, EN14675, EN13704, EN14476, and EN1650
  • SizePack Qty
    5 Litre2
    Eco-label approved product Super efficient and eco-friendly high concentration washing-up liquid, for cutting through stubborn grime on pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, including glass ware and crockery. For professional use only
  • SizePack Qty
    5 Litre2
    Cutlass Lemon Disinfectant E026 is an effective multi-purpose sanitising disinfectant with a lemon fragrance that is formulated to be safe for hands Prevents the accumulation of hard water scale and limescale build-up making it an ideal solution to use in washrooms that get heavy use An excellent cleaning solution for use in schools, colleges, and large hard floor areas, leaving a fresh clean lemon scent on the finish Tested to BS6471 QAP50
  • High foam carpet shampoo to be used with hand propelled machines only, for the removal of deep stains. Thick foam attracts and lifts the dirt from within the carpet making it easier to clean. Low odour.
  • Chain Spray (NSF category H1) Code: K406 Pack: 12 x 400ml
  • Heavyweight yellow chemical spill mats. Each of the 40x50cm pads will soak up 1 litre of fluid - in packs of 100 When you have chemicals around that may be hazardous or environmentally damaging to groundwater or a watercourse it is a good idea to have chemical spill mats around; especially if you have to decant paints, lubricants, or detergents.
  • Absorbent spill socks are flexible tubes that contain absorbent materials capable of soaking up and preventing the spread of liquid spillages. These chemical spill socks are ideal for moulding into a dam-like shape around products that need to be quickly absorbed. One rapid action high absorbent sock 8cmx1.2m will soak up 4 litres of fluid Sold in Packs of 20
  • Orange 20 Pumice Hand Cleaner utilises effective pumice granules to enhance a deep clean, breaking up ingrained dirt and stubborn stains, allowing the orange cleaning gel to remove the grease and grime leaving your hands feeling soft and fresh after rinsing off. An effective heavy-duty hand cleaner, which is solvent-free, for use in any trade and industry that uses heavy liquids or staining solvents that may come into contact with your skin. Complete with pump action dispenser lid for easy application.
  • Professional Heavy-Duty Pumice Hand Cleaner 10ltr Our Orange 20 solution contains pumice granules to help break down stubborn grime and ingrained dirt or stains from off your skin. The solvent-free bulk beaded hand gel easily removes heavy liquids and grease, leaving a soft finish and lightly fragranced scent. Bulk 10 Litre tub with a pump action dispensing lid makes it ideal for use in factory washrooms with heavy traffic. Can also use to refill hand soap dispensers already fixed on the wall.
  • Lemon Beaded Hand Cleaner 5kg/5ltr Heavy Duty Solvent Free Contains beads to help remove stubborn dirt and grime from your hands
  • Lemon Beaded Hand Cleaner 15kg/15ltr Heavy Duty Solvent Free Contains beads to help remove stubborn dirt and grime from your hands
  • Red Beaded Hand Cleaner 15kg/15ltr Heavy Duty Contains beads to help remove stubborn dirt and grime from your hands
  • Luxury Pink Pearl hand soap in 5 Litre tub

    Mild solution with rich cleansing properties leaving hands soft and clean

    Fresh bouquet fragrance brightens the day after each use

    Ideal for soap dispenser refills and high-usage washrooms
    SizePack Qty
    5 Litre4
  • The Citrus Foaming Hand Soap is a citrus-fragranced cleaning solution that is suitable for washing hands 5 Litre of luxury, mild, high-foaming hand cleanser solution Compatible with our 1ltr Bulk Fill Foaming Dispenser Ideal for filling up multiple soap dispensers in hotels, washrooms, and bathrooms
  • 762 x 1168 x 1420mm Clear Wheelie Bin Liner 140G Heavy Duty The order of dimensions is: width, length, and height
  • Electrical Cleaner Spray (NSF) Code: K420 Pack: 12 x 400ml
  • Food Safe Lube Spray Code: K410 12 x 400ml
  • Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner (C156 - 5L) for using as manual spot and stain removal or with an extraction machine for carpet care. This quick acting deep penetration carpet cleaning solution is pleasantly perfumed and is compatible for using with all makes of hot or cold water extraction machines for rapid dirt removal. Low foam for ease of pick up makes it ideal for high traffic areas.
  • These maintenance spill mats (pads) are ideal for use around the factory and workshop. Heavyweight bonded pads for absorbing water, oil, and fuels from small spills and drips from working machines. Simply place it on or under where the leak is and let the mat soak up the fluid. Each 40x50cm mat will absorb up to a litre of fluid. Sold in Packs of 100.
  • Maintenance Spill socks to capture all those small spills around the factory and workshop. They are designated as grey in colour, fast absorbing, strong to use, labour saving and are the cornerstone of a cleaner and safer working environment. They will absorb solvents, coolants, oils, fuels, mild acids and alkalis, as well as water. One 8cmx1.2m sock will absorb over 5 litres of fluid - sold in packs of 20
  • Maintenance Spray Code: K033 12 x 480ml
  • White oil spill mats. Heavyweight. Soak up small spills and catch small drips from working machinery. Keep your surroundings clean and environmentally friendly. Will soak oil from on top of water. One 40x50cm spill pad will absorb 1.2litre of fluid - Pack of 100
  • Our oil spill socks will act as a liquid leakage barrier to absorb spillage of oils, diesel or kerosene easily and quickly. Will float on water even when saturated making them ideal for cleaning up small oil spills in marine environments. The White discolours when oil is absorbed into the sock. One oil sock 8cmx1.2m will absorb 4.5 litres of oil - Sold in packs of 20
  • Selden Penetrating & Release Fluid Spray Code: K008 Pack: 12 x 480ml
  • PTFE Dry Film Spray Food safe Code: K412 Pack: 12 x 400ml
  • Metallised drybrite floor polish produces a deep shine without burnishing. Leaves surfaces with a long lasting, strong, slip resistant, and durable finish.
  • The Floor Gel cleaning fluids can be purchased in Pine or Lemon scent options. Everyday cleaning gels for wiping up the daily grime and heel marks off solid floors and leaving a non-slip burnished finish.

    Pine Jell B003 and Lemon Jell B006 are the popular choice for cleaning wooden, laminate, tile and other hard floor surfaces, and are suited for spray applications as well.
    DescriptionSizePack Qty
    Pine Jell B0035 Litre2
    Lemon Jell B0065 Litre2
  • Silicone Lubricant Spray Code: K007 12 x 480ml
  • Soft absorbent fibre mats manufactured from recycled Cotton (65%), Viscose (20%), and Polypropylene (15%) Needle-punched fibres formed into mats for absorbing inks, oils, fats, detergents and harmful substances Absorbs up to 10 times their weight 165gsm square mats with 100 per pack Made from 100% recycled fibres making them the most sustainable Non-woven felt-like and very flexible, having a fibrous network with distinctive pores, which makes them suitable for applications in filtration and drainage. Also, they make excellent protection cloths for padding out or covering products during transit.
  • Stay Dry carry wipes are a 3ply paper hand towel on a roll, in a clear plastic wrap with a carry handle The 3-ply makes them extra absorbent and its enclosed poly wrap means that you can use them outside or around liquids without the worry of wasting a full roll Simply pull out the amount of paper required from the top of the poly wrap and the rest continues to stay safe from rain, spray or surface liquids in your work space Using the carry handle you can take the paper towels direct to your work space and use them for drying tools, hands and components ensuring you the best results Popular in industries that work in or with damp conditions, i.e plumbers, mechanics and utilities
  • 2-ply Monster Rolls (or forecourt rolls) are 1000-sheet large practical paper wipers for use in the workshop or automotive service garage for engineers and mechanics alike Excellent absorption properties and strong paper make them ideal for industrial applications and garages where frequent wiping of hands, surfaces, components and tools is a necessity The industrial rolls come in White or Blue and alongside the standard 2ply we offer a 3ply option
    DescriptionPlySheetColourPack Qty
    28cm x 370m21000Blue2
    28cm x 370m21000White2
    40cm x 400m21000Blue2
    36cm x 400m31000Blue2
  • Embossed Centrefeed Rolls are a quick simple solution for cleaning and drying surfaces in the work place Embossed paper makes for far more effective absorption of liquids and softer for reaching into corners Available in Blue or White and sold in packs of 6
    DescriptionPlyColourPack Size
    500 Sheets2Blue6
    500 Sheets2White6
  • Centrefeed Rolls are the most popular choice in workshops for wiping down and drying surfaces and small spills Cost Effective and suitable for use in kitchens, warehouses, tool service stations, engineer workshops, auto repair garages and more Available in Blue or White and sold in packs of 6
    DescriptionPlyColourPack Qty
    17.5cm x 400 sheet2Blue6
    17.5cm x 500 sheet2Blue6
    17.5cm x 500 sheet2White6
    19cm x 150m2Blue6
    19cm x 150m2White6
    17.5cm x 150m2Blue6
    17.5cm x 150m2White6
  • Paper towel kitchen rolls Quality kitchen rolls to tackle every small spill or mess in any catering environment Super absorbent embossed and patterned paper towels for multipurpose use in the kitchen
    DescriptionSheets Per RollPack Qty
    2-ply kitchen rolls5024
  • Standard 2-ply toilet rolls for every commercial toilet and washroom convenience Sold in packs of 36 rolls for bulk suppliers Economic 2-ply tissue paper bog rolls for everyday Suitable for offices, hotels and other washrooms that prefer to use ordinary toilet rolls Quick and easy to use
    DescriptionSheets Per RollPack Qty
    White 2-ply20036
    White 2-ply32036
  • White mini jumbo toilet rolls for toilets and washrooms that have high usage Feel like you keep running out of toilet paper? Seem to be changing them too often? These mini jumbo rolls are convenient for toilets and washrooms that get frequent use throughout the day
    Core SizeLengthPlyPack Qty
    2.25” (60mm)150m212
    3” (76mm)150m212
  • Jumbo Toilet Rolls are the best way to help ensure that toilets that receive heavy traffic, like service stations, last out between staff shifts that service them Extremely popular with schools, large businesses and public urinal areas Soft, long, smooth and strong pieces of 2-ply tissue paper on a bulk roll for bulk jumbo toilet paper dispensers
    Core SizeLengthPlyPack Qty
    2.25” (60mm)300m26
    3” (76mm)300m26
  • Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue paper is soft and smooth whilst maintaining durability Ideal option for use in restaurants, cafes, bars and other small eatery areas that offer toilets and washroom facilities White 2-ply toilet tissue sold in boxes of 9000 sheets
    DescriptionSheets Per PackBox Qty
    White 2-ply25036
  • Selgiene Extreme is a powerful multi-purpose, high-performance, virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant sanitiser and cleaner that kills the vast majority of top viruses, including coronavirus, for regular use in several work environments where hygiene is the priority, especially on door handles, floors and bannisters. Unperfumed bactericidal, virucidal & yeasticidal disinfectant cleaner which is ideal for use in catering areas, food factories and commercial kitchens. Food Safe Certified to EN1276, EN14675, EN13704, EN14476, and EN1650
  • F071 Traffic Film Remover (TFR) in concentrated formula for industrial and commercial vehicles and trailers. Assists in removing the daily build up of grime (traffic film) from the many miles covered on the road. Non caustic 25 Litres Concentrated formulation - economical
  • Water Displacement Spray Code: K407 12 x 300ml
  • Yellow Channel Blocks with long lasting deodorising elements for use in most types of urinals. Formulated to freshen, clean, neutralise odours and leave a fresh lemon scent in the washroom.
    DescriptionSizePack Qty
    Lemon fragrance 3kg BucketEach
  • Blue bio Channel blocks for deodorising most types of urinals. Suitable to use with septic tanks. The biological alternative way to effectively eliminate bad odours in the washroom.
    Description Size Pack Qty
    Bio Blocks - Blue 1.1kg Bucket Each
  • Luxury 3-ply toilet rolls are triple quilted for that extra comfort and embossed for that extra softness An excellent choice for your office toilets and washroom areas giving you 3 layers of luxury soft tissue with each piece Order full pallet loads with bulk orders to ensure you receive the best price The professional washroom janitorial service providers preferred choice A must for all prestige office toiletries and hospitality toilets where impressions count
  • Luxury Toilet Rolls for the workplace Double quilted soft tissue paper, often referred to as loo roll or bog roll, is a must have for everyone Sold in batches of 40 (10 packs of 4) rolls
  • Nicky Elite Toilet Rolls are triple quilted luxury soft tissue paper for the lavatory Not just your standard bog roll, these are your luxury loo rolls with a difference Enriched with lotion and talc fragrance, they go the extra mile to make you feel cleaner Suited for every washroom and toilet everywhere
    DescriptionSheets Per RollPack Qty
    Luxury quilted 3-ply16040
  • Facial Tissues are silky soft and smooth paper wipes that can be used for drying or wiping down your face Handy for the office, car, washroom or even use to wrap and protect delicate goods Excellent disposable hankies for regular requirements
    DescriptionSheetsPack Qty
    Ultra soft10036
  • DescriptionCore Size
    Mini JumboCompatible with 2.25” & 3”
    JumboCompatible with 2.25” & 3”
  • DescriptionCore Size
    Mini JumboCompatible with 2.25” & 3”
    JumboCompatible with 2.25” & 3”
  • DescriptionCore Size
    Mini JumboCompatible with 2.25” & 3”
    JumboCompatible with 2.25” & 3”
  • DescriptionPaper Type
    Bulk packBulk pack toilet tissue
  • SizePack Qty
    1 Litre12
    5 Litre2
    Act Original toilet cleaner H005 cleans and descales toilets and washroom facilities. Suitable for use on floors and stainless steel. Fast acting deep penetration toilet cleaning fluid.
  • Toilet Cleaner fluids for descaling and cleaning toilet bowls, urinals and stainless steel splash pans. Eco friendly and lightly perfumed cleaning fluids leave your toilet fresh and clean.

    Proven to kill 99.99% germs and bacteria.

    Ocean Breeze and Lime Zest fragrance options
    SizePack Qty
  • Toilet Duck is the iconic and ultimate toilet cleaner, providing complete hygiene for your toilet, leaving it fresh and clean, with its unique design allowing for ease of dispersion under the bowl rim.

    Kills 99.99% germs.

    SizePack Qty
  • Bathroom Cleaner trigger spray is an easy to use foaming bactericidal cleaner for all washroom and bathroom sanitisation.

    Clings to vertical surfaces for effective cleaning and lightly fragranced for that clean aroma. Conforms to EN1276
    SizePack Qty
    5 Litre2
  • DescriptionPack Qty
    1 Litre dispenserEach
  • 400ml Cleaning Squad Polish K160 Wax free spray polish prevents accumulation and smearing on surfaces, with its rapid action and lasting shine finish. Suited for use in offices with silicon's that repel dust and leave a high shine performance. Lightly perfumed with citrus scents.
  • Refillable 1ltr reservoir Compatible with our Citrus Foaming Soap C213
  • Antibacterial hand soap with bactericidal action and deep cleansing lather. Suitable for all soap dispensing refills.

    Free from solvents and harsh chemicals.

    SizePack Qty
    5 Litre4
  • Smartora Original Luxury Hand Soap is formulated to effectively cleanse and moisturise your hands whilst killing 99.99% of bacteria Antibacterial handwash with a pump top and neutral ph balance makes this ideal for use in every washroom Pack of 6 x 500ml Hand Wash with pump action dispensers
  • Gentle blue Carex hand soap Antibacterial liquid hand wash leaves hands feeling moist and clean Kills 99.9% bacteria and protects your skin's natural antibacterial defences for 2 hours after washing
    DescriptionPack Qty
    Pump bottle6 x 250ml


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