Bleached White Hosiery Polishing Wipers

Bleached white hosiery wipers make excellent soft cotton rags for polishing prestige cars, motorbikes and finished painted surfaces with the assurance there will be no colour run when used alongside solvent-based cleaners and polishes.

The low lint characteristics also make them ideal polishing cloths for cleaning the interior of vehicles.

Recycled from new bleached white hosiery scraps, 100% cotton, uses of these polishing cloths include cleaning injection moulds, in car showrooms for valeting, by French polishers as stain rags, by model makers, precision engineers, or for quality control cleaning tasks.

The unused and un-soiled textile material makes them a favourite sustainable option too purpose-made polishing cloths.

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 4
Lint Free – 9
Polishing Qualities – 10


Unused milled textile fabrics are collated and bleached white, cut into rag wipers and bailed.

Cotton hosiery is naturally an ivory or light brown colour.

The bleaching process turns the cotton fibres white and also removes the natural cotton oils in the fibres.

In doing so the strength of the fibres is reduced making for a softer texture but it also enhances its absorbency properties.

Unused textile cotton jersey knit fabric is excellent for cleaning finished surfaces without the risk of scratching them.



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