Recycled Coloured Hosiery

Quality coloured hosiery recycled from material left over from manufacturers of t-shirt garments made into soft, valeting and polishing cloths for fine polishing of vehicle finishes, motorbikes, bicycles, boats and many other finished painted surfaces.

New cotton hosiery used in t-shirt manufacturing is highly suitable for marine, automotive, engineering and maintenance industries as it is unused and un-soiled.

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 4
Lint Free – 9
Polishing Qualities – 10


Stock and deadstock fabric from manufacturers of plain knit jersey T-shirt textile fabrics is collected and bundled together as hosiery.

This material is free from any stitching, buttons, studs, and any modifications from the initial weaving of the fabric into textile rolls.

Soft, unwashed, coloured leftover fabric from the textile mills is cut into suitable rag wipers and bailed.

Apart from initial treatment and dies this fabric is chemical-free and almost virgin textile cloth.

Available in various weights recycled coloured hosiery is an excellent choice for polishing solid surfaces.

Over 50+ pieces in every box and bag for commercial operations as a sustainable solution.



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