Disposable Gloves

One of the most widely used personal protective equipment (PPE) in the medical, food service, chemical, primary-care and aged-care, life science, and industrial sectors is disposable gloves.

DescriptionSizePack Qty
Powered VinylS - XL10 x 100
Powder-Free VinylS - XL10 x 100
Powered LatexS - XL10 x 100
Powder-Free LatexS - XL10 x 100
Powered NitrileS - XL10 x 100
Powder-Free NitrileS - XL10 x 100
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A full range of disposable gloves is available:

  • Nitrile Gloves – Waterproof, greaseproof, oilproof and resistant to most common chemicals. Comfortable fit for extended periods.
  • Latex Gloves – Tactile sensitivity is high, higher protection against bacteria and viruses. Best for frequent changes required between jobs. The powdered option is to prevent them from sticking together.
  • Vinyl Gloves – Latex-free, biodegradable, and long shelf life. Loose fit but is excellent for light duties.

More information is available, on request, for advantages and disadvantages between the ranges.


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