Floor Pads

High-quality circular floor pads with high-density fibres for longer-lasting achievements.

Size (inches)Pack Qty
8 - 225


Circular floor pads are suitable for most floor maintenance machines.

Full range of floor pads in options and sizes.

Black – Floor surface stripping, heavy-duty wet stripping.

This pad is designed for wet stripping and is heavy-duty and aggressive. It easily cuts through old finish, dirt, and build-up, preparing floors for recoating. It is suitable for use on VCT, VAT Sheet Vinyl, Terrazzo, Granite, and Concrete Surfaces. To ensure optimal results, we recommend that the pads are tested in a small, inconspicuous area before stripping the entire floor. Additionally, the pads are flexible and can conform to uneven surfaces.

Blue – Floor surface cleaning, moderate scrubbing, or heavy spray cleaning.

The best pad for optimal burnishing and regular cleaning, it is used to moderately scrub or use a heavy wet spray cleaning technique on your floors and is highly effective for daily cleaning with minimal finish removal.

Brown – Dry stripping, fast and cuts away wax & old floor finish.

This floor scrubbing pad is suitable for dry stripping only and is only slightly aggressive. It can efficiently remove old wax, old finish, dirt, and build-up. It also conforms well to uneven floors.

Green – Floor restoration, heavy-duty wet scrubbing. Removes surface coat, ground in dirt and scuff marks.

This heavy-duty scrubbing pad is perfect for restoring your floor’s worn or damaged finish, leaving a fresh surface that’s ready for recoating. It can easily remove dirt, spills, and scuffs to give your floor a brand-new look.

Red – Regular buffing, dry or spray to remove scuff marks and restore shine.

The best pad for perfect dry buffing, wet spray buffing, and light-duty scrubbing. It cleans effectively when damp and buffs to a high shine when dry. It efficiently removes scuff marks while leaving the floor polished and glossy.

Tan – Regular polishing, dry polishing synthetic or natural finishes to a high lustre.

This pad is ideal for achieving a high shine on both synthetic and natural finishes. You can use it for dry buffing or wet spray buffing, resulting in a stunning glossy finish while removing scuffs and black heel marks.

White – Premium polishing, soft dry polishing to a high gloss.

Gently polish a dry clean floor using this pad as either a dry buff or wet spray buffing method. This is great for improving the final finish after scrubbing or spray buffing, especially when polishing soft waxes on hard floors. It effectively removes scuffs and black heel marks, resulting in a better-looking floor.


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