Push on Mops

Traditional socket head push on mops. Available in poly yarn or twine.

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Traditional cotton mop heads are excellent for their high absorption properties.

Quickly and effectively mop up spills with these mopheads.

Colour-coded push-on mops are sold separately from stails.

Poly-twine options are also available and although far more durable for cleaning floors they don’t absorb water.

Replacement mop heads with plastic stail grips for quick and easy fit.

Select red, yellow, green or blue socket colours.

To maximise absorbing up spills or flooding off the floor,  simply give the mop a quick twist as you drop it onto the floor, and let the cotton strands soak up as you slowly lift back to the bucket.

Remember a slight twist in a single direction as you squeeze out the fluid or water helps to maximise absorption.


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