Steel Wool Scourers

Galvanised Steel Wool Scourers. Removes burnt-on stains with ease.

Pack Qty
10 - Galvanised
10 - Stainless
20 - Stainless


Looking for a reliable solution to remove stubborn burnt-on food and grease from your baking trays, grills, and barbecues?

Look no further than professional-grade steel wire wool!

40g Stainless and galvanised steel options in packs of 10.

With its powerful cleaning capabilities, steel wool is soft on dirty stainless-steel sinks but tough on dirt, making it perfect for cleaning dishes and scouring the bottom of pots.

However, be aware that steel wool can be quite abrasive and may cause irreversible scratch damage to certain surfaces, such as non-stick silicon cooking implements, plastic containers, and food storage containers.

To avoid scratching up these surfaces and creating breeding grounds for food stains and bacteria, it’s best to use a gentler cleaning solution.

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