Stockinette Polishing Cloth – 10kg Roll

Open weave Stockinette polishing cloth used in the application of compounds, polishes stains and wood dyes. Knitted cotton yarn.

Used in valeting, French polishing, timber staining and waxing, and cleaning.

10kg roll of quality stockinette polishing cloth for custom projects where perfection is paramount.

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 6
Lint Free – 1
Polishing Qualities – 10


Mutton cloth is also called ‘meat stockinette’, ‘cotton stockinette’, and ‘car polishing cloth’.

Because it is free from bleach and other chemicals it has been known to be used in packaging meat to keep it fresher for longer.

Manufacturers of leather goods find this product brings out the best shine when buffing and waxing.

Professionally used to polish, detail, clean, and wax cars. motorbikes, and other vehicles.

Excellent for polishing chrome, brass, copper, and silverware products.

10kg roll for commercially operated production lines.

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