Stockinette Roll – 800g

Pure Stockinette roll of soft elastic cotton yarn, open-knit leaving a smooth even fabric texture.

Used in the application of polishes, stains, automotive polishes, and wood dyes for valeting, French polishing, timber staining and waxing, and cleaning.

The sustainable way to achieve an even, high-gloss finish is when polishing and buffing solid surfaces of metal and wood using our stockinette roll.

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 6
Lint Free – 1
Polishing Qualities – 10


Stockinette or mutton cloth is 100% cotton with an open knit giving an ultra-soft pliable textile finish.

The professional choice for detailing, cleaning, polishing, waxing and oiling to finished painted smooth surfaces.

Pure cotton rolls of 800g soft stockinette that is free from chemicals and dies leaving you free from the worry of bleed or damage to finished surfaces.

Also known as car polishing cloth, this material is highly absorbent and bleach free.

Can be used to polish metals such as silverware, brass, copper and other ornaments.

Excellent choice for buffing shoes and leather products.

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