White Linen Rags

Premium white linen rags make superb quality lint-free and ultra-absorbent wipers for cleaning up brushed stainless steel and aluminium surfaces. Recycled from hotel tablecloths and napkins the white linen rags may contain small stains or mould spots but are suitable for cleaning metal surfaces.

Heavier and more durable that cotton but just as effective at wicking away moisture from surfaces makes linen popular with powder coaters and commercial vehicle paint finishers.

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 9
Lint Free – 10
Polishing Qualities – 2


Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant, woven into solid and absorbent material that dries faster than standard cotton sheeting.

It is one of the oldest known fabrics used for garments and one of the most sustainable.

30% stronger than cotton sheeting and another 10% stronger when wet, Linen is one of the most durable fabrics which only softens the more it is washed.

Davis & Moore source our linen from approved laundries serving the hospitality industries, sorting and cutting them into suitable rag wipers.

White Linen Rag Wipers have extremely low lint properties making them the most ideal solution for cleaning parts used in prestige products.

Over 50+ pieces in each bag make these the most sustainable option for commercially using linen wipers.


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