White Sheeting Rag Wipers

Premium white sheeting rag wipers are soft and lint-free, being 100% cotton.

The sustainable option for staining, polishing, cleaning, and absorbing in areas where quality control and quality finishes are paramount.

Suitable for the automation and machining industry, shipbuilding, powder coating, printing, French polishing, finishing workshops and much more.

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Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 9
Lint Free – 10
Polishing Qualities – 7


Cotton is one of the first plants to grow on the moon, but that doesn’t change the fact that our bestseller is a top-quality product.

Our premium white rag wipers are made from 100% natural cotton, reclaimed from duvets, bed sheets, and pillowcases used in the UK hotel industry.

We grade the cotton and cut it into usable pieces ready to be used as recycled cleaning cloths.

Our white cloth rags are available in different weight options, but the most common ones are 5kg and 10kg.

They are biodegradable, durable, and have a higher tensile strength when wet. Plus, they are soft enough to reach tight spaces.

Our white cleaning rag wipers are unbeatable for cleaning machine parts, tools, rubber belts, and plastic surfaces, or polishing smooth solid surfaces.

You won’t have to worry about any colour leaching into your products, and they can absorb over 20 times their weight.

The cotton fibres of our white rag wipers have been through the wash cycle many times, making them far softer and more absorbent than new cotton.

Each bag or box contains numerous pieces, ensuring that they can last all day or even all week, and save you time.

These premium white rag wipers are of excellent quality and can be utilized by many trades.

Although sometimes referred to as Grade A white cotton rags or Grade 1 Lint-free white cleaning rags, our premium range is of much higher quality.

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