Premium White Terry Cloth Rags

Premium white terry towel rags are highly absorbent heavy-weight cotton textiles used in cleaning and maintenance situations where soaking up liquids or drying surfaces is necessary.

Recycled Spa and Hotel industry white terry towels are collected, cleaned, cut, boxed or bagged as rag wipers.

Suitable for aerospace, automation, naval, hydraulic, utilities and cleaning industries.

Sustainable absorbent wipers for cleaning up small oil, chemical or water spillages in any industry.

Highly sought-after and quick-selling, white towelling rags are one of the most popular recycled rag wipers on the market.

Also known as Turkish towel rag wipers

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 10
Lint Free – 5
Polishing Qualities – 7


Premium White Towel is collected from laundries serving the hotel and hospitality industry, from rejects due to age or impairment, and then sorted and graded in our warehouse.

In our manufacturing facility, our dedicated team cut them into rag wipers, sized according to demand, and then boxed or bagged up ready for supplying the end product – White Terry Toweling Rags.

Premium grade towel is the best quality, followed by the standard white towel, which includes cut bathmat, and the White Towel 2, which comprises stained or damaged pieces.

Our in-line metal detection facility is comprehensive and ensures that no sharps or pins remain in the finished rags that are sealed up, palletised and ready for delivery.

Product Information:
• 100% White Cotton
• Very Soft
• Durable & washable
• Super absorbent
• Ideal for most spills and janitorial applications
• Metal detected & button-free
• 100% recycled material

Interesting Facts:

  • Cotton gets more absorbent with use, so utilising well-used towels from the hospitality industry maximises absorbency efficiency.
  • Cotton is a natural product and is far more absorbent than synthetic and bamboo fibre textiles.
  • The terry weave used to make towels increases their soaking capacity and lifts the moisture away from the surface.
  • Cotton is a hydrophilic material that attracts and holds onto liquids up to a large capacity but releases on wringing out.

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