Before we go into the best workshop rags for you, we should look at what recycled textile rag wipers are.

All over the country, in automation, machining, fabrication and engineering workshops and vehicles, offshore oil and gas platforms, and wind farms, you will find recycled textile wiper rags being used all day and every day.

From wiping off hands and tools after repair and maintenance of machines and components to wiping away excess adhesive, lubricants, or paint overspray and drips, the humble workshop rag is a staple and essential product that countless garages and factories couldn’t function without!

The Circular Economy in Textiles

With the multiple rolls of usages that rags in engineering and technical trades have, there is a very considerable demand that makes them ideal for production in our eco-friendly textile recycling service.

Old bed linen, tablecloths, coloured t-shirts, and other textiles are collected in our trucks from reputable UK sources and carefully graded, cut, baled, or boxed and then sent out as cloths and wipers.

Because there are many factors which play an importance in selecting the best workshop rags for you, we have graded our full range of textile rag wipers with recommended points in the table below:

Textile Rag Wipers Comparison Chart

With the active pursuit of reducing, reusing, and recycling in this process, and the rich natural cotton content of the product, we feel that products like our t-shirt and white cotton rags are the best options as multipurpose workshop rags.


examples of white textile rag wipers for the workshop

Well Priced with High Performance

Industrial painting contractors, plant hire companies, and van and car repair garages must oversee their costs to make a good living and watch their environmental performance as well. One consumable that can help in both regards is our recycled rags and cloths, they offer great value and reuse of resources of old or rejected textiles.

The range that we stock – from oil absorbent pads to cleaning, and polishing rags and cloths – is large, and we are sure to have an answer to your spill control, wiping, or cleaning needs, please email to find out more.

Three key common factors are; absorbency, linting and polishing qualities, which we have attributed to our textile rag wipers comparison chart.

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