Chemical Spill Mats

Heavyweight yellow chemical spill mats.

Each of the 40x50cm pads will soak up 1 litre of fluid – in packs of 100

When you have chemicals around that may be hazardous or environmentally damaging to groundwater or a watercourse it is a good idea to have chemical spill mats around; especially if you have to decant paints, lubricants, or detergents.


Chemical absorbents are for use on aggressive and non-aggressive liquids such as acids, caustics, oil coolants, solvents, water and solutions.

Fast acting with high absorbency rates, designated yellow in colour, they are ideal for larger chemical spills down to bench-top laboratory situations.

Rolls and pads are specially treated to quickly absorb most liquids. The yellow colour assists with the safe cleanup of chemical spills.


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