White Terry Hosiery Rag Cloths

New white terry hosiery rag wipers are very soft medium-weight textiles with small open pile weaves to collect dirt and help absorb water.

Recycled from unused white terry hosiery materials cut for garments, towels, flannels and general fabrics.

New White Terry Hosiery Rag make excellent polishing cloths as they are very soft, have no seams, have zero risk of bleaching when used with chemicals and are a great alternative to other hosiery wipers and white rags.

Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities:

Absorbency – 4
Lint Free – 2
Polishing Qualities – 9


Terry cloth or terrycloth is a lighter material than traditional towels and is highly absorbent.

Unused cut-offs from mills and manufacturers are collated and bailed, ready for use as rag wipers.

The white texture means it is free from colour leaching when used to clean finished surfaces with other chemicals.

An excellent soft cleaning cloth with very low lint properties and over 30+ pieces per bag/box.


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