This guide is all about industrial wiper
rags – perhaps a topic on which not many books have so far been written! This is a
shame, because as far as your end-users go, there is a lot resting on the quality and
reliability of the wipers they buy from you. In this blog we will explain the different
grades of industrial wiper you can supply, what the differences between the grades are,
and why it matters.
It soon becomes apparent that there is much more to industrial wipers than meets the
eye. As engineering or industrial supplies merchants, your job is to provide customers
with a clear choice, while also making it easy for them to make a purchase decision on
quality products. We have developed our product range in order to make this possible
for you.
With Smartora, the brand name of our premium industrial wiper range, we provide
various grades of high quality industrial rags that are suited to a variety of cleaning
tasks and industrial environments.
This blog is intended as a general introduction to industrial wiper rags and the
processes that create them. It doesn’t come with any obligation to purchase our
products, but we have developed Smartora in response to many of the issues faced
by engineering merchants and their customers. We will therefore use our products as
examples of the different grades and categories we discuss. If you would like to know
more about stocking our product range, then please get in touch by any of the contact
methods given below, and we will send you a free quote.
We offer great wholesale rates to distributors on our full range of quality cleaning

Why write a guide to industrial wiper rags?
If you have worked with multiple supply partners, we expect you are fully aware of
the reasons why industrial wiper rags are important and why quality matters. However,
we still frequently experience the question from end-users as to why cleaning rags
actually matter. Some end-users are only concerned with the lowest prices. That is,
until their order arrives and they start cleaning with it. They then soon notice that
some industrial rags are better than others.
So one of the main purposes of this blog is to help you answer these questions
from your customers – when an end-user approaches you to ask why there is a
performance difference between various brands and grades of rag.
There are, in general, two main issues that distributors and their customers run into
with cleaning rags:
1) Some textile wipers do not leave a completely clear surface. Small particles of
material and lint stubbornly remain on the surface and are difficult to remove.
2) Some textile wipers are not as absorbent as others due to a low cotton content.
We will propose solutions to both of these problems in the sections that follow.

Who is this blog for?
This guide has primarily been written for purchasing managers working for industrial or
engineering supply companies. Many of our clients are multi-site distributors whose
own customers are cleaning contractors, small supply shops, tradespeople, individual
businesses, factories, offices and domestic customers. We aim to cultivate longterm
trading relationships with our customers by providing consistently high-quality
cleaning products at unbeatable wholesale prices.